Vanja Bucan


In Placebo I look at the relationship between nature and aesthetics, and the way human society creates new perceptions of what is natural and what is artificial. The human becomes the object in the nature and nature is an object of the human. This dualism results in iconic stills which challenge the linear connection between man and nature.

Studies of Tension

Studies of Tension is an observation of tension in human beings and animals. Tension is a state of mind and a natural ocurrence. I observe and photograph individuals who have had physical or psychological traumas, nonetheless, I discover that tension is inherent to all beings. In a way the work plays with the model of classical portrait and the way we expect a portrait to communicate positivity and beauty.

Fools and Follies

ADM is one of the last remaing squatts situated in the industrial port of Amsterdam. A collective of free and creative individuals shapes the landscape into one of the most genuine autonomous zones of Europe.

Metamorphosis of a Fox

Before being a fox she was a bird, before being a bird she was a woman.”

Dance and choreography: Emma Thompson
Costume: Ellen Kromhout
Headpiece Design: Jana Zornik

The Second Floor

The Second Floor is a portrait of Modrocka Klimova , a single mother and her two daughters who run their home with their beautiful energy.

The Invincible City

This story narrates an urban condition humaine. It takes place during the winter and finishes when spring begins.